The Tiser schnitzel hunters, The Advertiser
June 10, 2016 10:00pm

LIKE a pub with no beer, nor can it do without the humble schnitzel.
From a casual survey of Adelaide’s hotels it’s evident the global dish has undergone several, erm, creative transformations — some we may prefer to forget.There’s stomach-stretching eating challenges, giant feasts dripping with cheese and rich sauces, and even traditional Italian and Austrian fare.German-born Reinhard Struve, 39, a member of the Bund der Bayern dance group, said his favourite place for a schnitty was, unsurprisingly, the city-based German Club.“I like a Jäger schnitzel, with a mushroom sauce,” he said, adding that a fresh crumb was key to a good schnitty.“The main difference in Germany it is mainly pork (schnitzels).“I think it doesn’t need to be huge but the quality needs to be right. It needs tender meat … it can have a good sauce, but doesn’t have to.”

The Advertiser has also tried 12 traditional and new-age schnitzels around South Australia — think the expensive to the cheap, the quirky to the downright sinful and everything in between …#schnitzel #german #yum